Great news for international students considering Canada for their studies! In a move to address the nation’s labor shortage, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced a temporary policy that significantly increases the allowed work hours for international students.

Here’s what you need to know:

Canada’s Strategic Move

This policy announcement comes despite Canada’s unemployment rate dipping to a low 5.2% in September 2022. However, the government acknowledges the need for additional support in specific industries. The policy leverages Canada’s established reputation as a premier destination for international students. Factors like high-quality education, a multicultural environment, and attractive immigration pathways make international students ideally positioned to address workforce shortages.

A Win-Win Situation

Minister Fraser emphasized the substantial number of study permit applications processed this year, exceeding 452,000 between January and August 2022 alone. This policy presents a valuable opportunity for both international students and Canadian businesses. Students gain valuable work experience, while businesses can tap into a wider pool of talent to meet their needs.

Ready to Study and Work in Canada?

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